If you are more doubtful than certain about something, drop it. You are likely to gain clarity after you walk away from it. If there are things you are capable of doing and should be doing, then make them a priority no matter how busy you think you are. You have much more control of your life than it seems. As for the anxiety and restlessness that comes along with thoughts of the future, just pray. Please know that your prayers and wishes are being indirectly answered, one day at a time. One opportunity at a time, one coincidence at a time, one detour at a time, you are either being guided towards where you need to go or being steered away from what does not serve you.

Good luck.


I can’t help but feel like this world doesn’t belong to us. We are no more than passerbys or customers at a store. Once upon a time, it was a matter of affording to restock our shelves with essentials. But one day that was no longer enough, so we opened malls and coffee shops, then recreational centers and casinos. We fed the world our fantasies and  it gave us so much luxury in return. When existential questions were too difficult to confront, the world offered us getaway packages. But the glamour of this world doesn’t define us nor does the chaos of war. Our culture trains us to emphasize pride and vanity because who doesn’t want a life enriched with beautiful things?